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Retool Your Sales for Rapid Growth

Retool Your Sales for Rapid Growth

Retool Your Sales for Rapid Growth

Conceptually, rapid growth is simple.

You need a great product, you need the ability to deliver that product more efficiently than competitors, and you need to tell the market about your superior proposition.

Justin's presentation focuses on sales (how to communicate your superior proposition). But the process he describes differs markedly from standard practice.

For starters, he argues that salespeople should do NOTHING but sell. No proposals, no administration, no solution design, no project management, no prospecting. Nothing! Field salespeople should do 3-4 pre-scheduled field meetings a day (and nothing else). And inside salespeople should have 15-20 selling conversations a day (nothing else).

Executing on this requires a fairly significant retooling of the organization. Customer service teams need more capabilities and more capacity to relieve salespeople of order processing, proposal generation, and issue resolution. Engineering departments need to be reconfigured to enable them to respond rapidly to salespeople's requests for solution design and concepts. And marketing teams need to be significantly more agile if they are to keep salespeople's opportunity queues full.

There are two major reasons to retool the organization so that salespeople do nothing but sell.

The first is that you'll see a significant increase in sales activity (at least five times, often twice that), with NO increase in operating expense.

The second is that your growth will be sustainable. If salespeople are focused exclusively on the pursuit of net-new business, then they will never hit diminishing returns. And, the departments that take responsibility for non-sales are much less expensive to scale as you grow.

Justin will explain how exactly to configure your organization for rapid, sustainable growth. And he'll share the experiences of organizations from a range of industries, across three continents.

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