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APAC Leadership Series II: Are We in Good Hands? – Prof Justin Craig

By Invitation Only event!

ARE WE IN GOOD HANDS? That is the question your people are asking about you as their leader!

This session is about TRUST…a valuable yet undervalued component of all relationships. Fundamental to your success as a leader is building trust in a team of decision-making teams.

In this 90 minute workshop, renowned author and Professor of Entrepreneurship Dr Justin Craig will explore the dimensions of trust, consider how to build and maintain trust, and examine how trust is linked to a mindset of servant leadership, stewardship and innovation.

Biography of Prof Justin Craig:

Prof. Justin Craig is a professor who complements his academician’s skillset with an entrepreneur’s mindset. Prior to pursuing an academic career in the late 1990s, Justin worked for one of Queensland’s prominent entrepreneurs and in entrepreneurial ventures with members of his family.

In his twenty years as an academic, Justin has built an enviable research record and is recognised internationally for his work in understanding the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurial family businesses and those who steward them.

Prof. Craig works closely with business leaders, their consultants, and advisors, and trains and presents to members of enterprising families from most sectors and countries worldwide

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