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2023 EO North Asia Regional Leadership Academy (Accepting Applications)

Date: Monday, October 23, 2023 at 12:00 AM through Friday, October 27, 2023 at 12:00 AM

Venue: Shangri-La

About the Event:

The Regional Leadership Academy (RLA) invites you to immerse yourself in an extraordinary leadership formation journey. This experiential program, held in the enchanting locale of Shangri-La, China, from 23-27 October, promises to facilitate personal transformation, foster leadership skills, and cultivate the EO leadership philosophy amongst its participants.

Crafted meticulously over years, the RLA program leverages immersive learning methodology, ensuring participants are wholly involved from start to finish. Please note that this immersive experience requires complete dedication and hence, partial participation is not allowed. 

Eligibility (Member Leaders Who Qualify to Apply for RLA):

Participation in this exclusive program is open to selective EO members only. The selection process is through application, acknowledging the contributions of our member leaders in various regions.

Preference is that the applicant has served in one of the following roles:

✓ Global Committee Member

✓ Regional Council Member

✓ Expert

✓ Chapter President

✓ Chapter Board Member


✓ Is a member in good standing and compliant with all EO Global bylaws

✓ Can participate for entire duration of event

✓ Active on their Path of Leadership and has demonstrated progressively successful and responsible leadership in EO.

Pricing: USD 3,800

Purpose of RLA:

Founded in 2008, the RLA aims to ignite personal transformation and provide a unique learning experience for members. We aspire to provide our members with experiences that extend beyond their chapters, fostering leadership skills that make a significant difference to their families, communities, and businesses.

We recognize that regional leadership entails managing diverse teams spanning multiple countries, races, cultures, languages, and styles. This understanding shapes the leadership lessons we deliver during the program.

Apply Now:

We invite you to seize this unique opportunity and enrich your leadership journey. Apply today to become a part of the transformative RLA experience.


Further details about the schedule, accommodation, and other logistical arrangements will be shared with the selected participants closer to the event date.

This is an application portal and acceptance into the program is subject to space availability and consideration.


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