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Limitless: Upgrade your Brain with Jim Kwik

Everyday — we’re sprinting to catch up. New technology. New people. New ideas, fast changes, endless updates… In our business, industry, and even our daily personal life.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the growing “data clutter”… Stressed by all the knowledge you must absorb, process, read and recall. How do you stay on top and deal with it all?

World renown brain coach and celebrity memory trainer Jim Kwik will share his secrets to mentally thrive, boost sales, increase productivity and innovation, and win in the face of fierce overload and competition.

You will discover how to:
§ Confidently remember the names of everyone you meet
§ Better recall client & product information
§ Memorizing sales scripts and presentations rapidly
§ Fix mental fog, fatigue and forgetfulness for increased productivity and profit
§ Boost reading speed (and comprehension) to master information overload
§ Tap laser focus and concentration to get things done
§ Leverage the 10 critical keys to unleash your super brain (including the best genius foods you must eat)
§ Turn on your “success switch” with the mindset, routines and habits of elite mental performers
§ And more!

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