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[EO APAC] 22/23 Moderator Workshop Series

Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 9:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Venue: Zoom -

Who can attend: Current / Incoming / SLP Moderators

Date and Time:

10am – 1230pm SG / 12pm – 230pm Brisbane local time

1st session: 27 Sept 2022 

2nd session: 02 Feb 2023 

3rd session: 27 April 2023 

4th session: in-person Moderator Summit, Bali

Event Description:

Welcome to your moderator central support system. The Moderator Workshop Series is a leadership development and skills support series. This year-long programme offers continuous learning, coaching, and tools, supporting moderators to lead their Forum, learn and grow in real-time!

The Moderator Workshop Series combines the best of the best of our moderator knowledge and weaves together virtual and in-person experiential learning and connections to upskill moderators, Forum Chairs, and Forum Experts.
Jody Dharmawan and Carlo Santoro will guide you through a full-year journey, anchored by quarterly 2.5-hour interactive workshops with theory, practical applications, tools, breakout groups, and Q&A sessions.

By registering for this program we invite you to attend all 4 Quarterly Workshops and be open to sharing your experiences, successes, and challenges with your forums. In the spirit of EO core values, Trust and Respect, we trust that you will commit to and respect the process. Thank you in advance for your participation.

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