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Young leaders creating a better tomorrow

Hosted by Brian Brault and moderated by Ryan Villanueva, this event will highlight the children of EO members around the world. Those who recognize the importance and value of giving back to make the world a better place.


Young leaders creating a better tomorrow.

In this event, we will highlight the youth of today. Those who are making a difference in the midst of going to school, working and or growing up.

They understand the importance and value of giving back to make the world a better place.

This will be an opportunity for us to recognize some of these efforts and look for ways that we, as entrepreneurs, can help them be even more impactful.



5 mins Welcome and introduction - Brian
30 mins Ryan & student panel
10 mins Q&A moderated by Ryan
20 mins Breakouts with students
5 mins Closing




Isabel Sieh

Founder and Executive Director of Girls Will Code, a community organization encouraging and helping girls to take part in coding and STEM, and the co-founder of The Coding School in the Philippines.  She is an incoming at first-year student Stanford interested in studying at the intersection of technology and society particularly regarding education, gender equality, and tech for social good. Isabel also enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends. She's a Youth Champion for SDG 5: Gender Equality and Youth Innovators Program Awardee.

Luis Javier Chasi

Luis Javier has always had an avid interest in public speaking, which arose from joining the Model United Nations chapter of his school. He has been a part of MUN since 7th grade, and in 2020 was elected to the Board of Directors, serving as Undersecretary of Recruitment. He has attended 15 MUN conferences, 12 as a delegate and 3 as a moderator, earning various distinguished performance awards in 9 of these events.

Ariella Gross

Ariella Anna Gross is a 13 year old girl from Queens NY, who just graduated 8th Grade and is headed to SAR High School in Riverdale starting in September.
Through Yad Vashem, the largest Holocaust Museum and Holocaust educational center in the world, based in Jerusalem, Ariella found the Yad Vashem Twinning Program. A program designed for current children approaching the ages of twelve and thirteen, to “twin” with one of these murdered children and to ‘celebrate’ the bar/bat mitzvah ritual on their behalf along with their own celebration.
Ariella intends to deliver impactful new programing to middle school children around the country, as she herself begins her own journey of her high school career.


Alia Del Rosario

 Alia is one of the youngest Gallup Strengths Coaches in the world who is passionate about helping young adults prepare for the challenges of living independently. She has a gift for figuring out how different people can work together productively and wants to use this gift to help young leaders lead with their strengths. She is triple majoring in business management, entrepreneurship and innovation, and psychology. When she is not studying, coaching, planning, or organizing, she likes to help introduce young people to the beauty of marine life through scuba diving.




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